- FightClub Event Registration/CheckIn -

Sync your Infamous account with our site to get in on the action
You need to be between levels 20 & 99 for this event
Next Event DEC 20th at 9PM est

Step #1 - Sync your account with our site

      Open up infamous in a browser then click "Player tab > VSync" to get your VSyncToken.
      Paste your VSync Token here:  

Step #2 - Registration

      Register for the next FightCub event on DEC 20th at 9PM est?
      Click to Register:  

Step #3 - FightClub CheckIn

      CheckIn to get in on the next Fight! CheckIns are REQUIRED to fight!
            If you DONT CheckIn during the window we provide you will NOT be in the next fight.
Hangout Here for the checkin window
CheckIns are currently disabled till the next FightClub Event
=(DEC 20th at 9PM est)=
A CheckIn window will be provided just before every fight.