- FightClub Events -

Get in on the action!

What is FightClub?

FightClub is a series of 40-60 player fight events organized & ran by the infamousapp.com owner Vague312.

How do i get in on the next fight?

- First things first! Use this link to Sync your account with our site & register for the next event. Registrations help us get a general idea how many players will be attending the next event.

- Show up about an hour before the event then CheckIn using the same link as above. Checking in Shows us your online & ready to go for the event. We will also provide a chat link to act as an initial staging area to kill the extra time while vague gets things ready.

- When vague Announces "checkins are closed" he will divide up the teams then toss everyone into the place the fighters in the assigned Arenas. Note: When areanas are set fighters are "sealed off" meaning only accounts in that given arena can attack/be attacked by accounts from the same arena.

- Vague will post everything on the current MatchStats so fighters can see what team they are on & see who they will be fighting. This match link will also be tracking the player stats. To keep everyone together each arena has its own chat link. Fighters for that given arena are required to be in that chat. Ootherwise you wont know whats going on.

- Game Time!!! Each Match will start with either Vague or one of the FightClub Referees posting "Go! Go! Go!" in that arena chat. Each match will be 30 minutes long. To help keep the pace Vague will be randomly issuing stamina / health refills for the fighters. Each match will end with either a Referee or Vague posting "===GameOver===" in that arenas chat. Most kills determines match winner. Keep up to date on the current match here => MatchStats